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“Urban Explorer” by 19TONES

Devoted to the Urban Exploration photography.

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Urban Explorer is a collection of 294 1/1 photographs and 1 collage by 19TONES that celebrate the dynamic vibe brought about by a few megacities Moscow, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai. If you have ever been to one of those cities, you are definitely the Explorer.

Taken from both dizzying heights and low angles, by night and day, Urban Explorer is an adventure to cityscapes 19TONES has gathered around the world since 2015. This collection is for a person who loves to explore the city, finds peace in city life and prefers to travel around the cities as opposed to the stereotypical beach vacation.

The city's rhythms and colors, its contrasts and landscapes are what we found irresistible. Created for Real Explorers.

When we talk about the Urban Exploration as a genre, we should say that every place captured by an artist is a particular geolocation, which is a means of communication with the audience. The place comes alive and becomes a subject of discussion on the internet or anywhere, it’s a way to navigate the city. Such places become a destination for Urban Explorers, and raise public awareness of themselves.


Each Urban Explorer is shot live with no CGI. Each one passed a unique color-correction process that is developed from the beginning for each series of photographs — without any presets. Each one has EXIF metadata. An XMP file is attached to NFTs as sufficient proof of authenticity of photographs.

The XMP file could be used as a preset for image processing in Adobe Software. Think of it as a new way of thinking about what a photography collection may be.

All images offered in high quality resolution with minimum dimension 7000px for a long side.

19TONES is Ernest Em (рус. Эрнест Эм), a Russian photography artist. His work, inspired by neon and futuristic aesthetics, is dedicated to the Urban Exploration & Portrait photography since 2015. He created 19TONES in 2016 as both a persona and an artistic mindset. 19TONES’s work explores familiar places in unfamiliar light & color and transforms that reality through photography and physical processes to capture images with no CGI.

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All Urban Explorer Holders will be whitelisted and have early access to all drops except the 1st one at 0.15 ETH. After that the general sale will open at 0.2 ETH.

The holder can reserve 1 work from an upcoming drop if the work is not reserved yet by another holder. It allows the holders to avoid gas wars, the blockchain is unpredictable recently.

Secondary royalty fees are only 5% which makes it more comfortable for the collectors to resell works on the secondary market.


10 NFTs with a night view of Burj Khalifa from a “Dubai” drop + 1 NFT from every drop except the first one will be given away to the rest.

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